Plants vs Zombies Minecraft packs Game World Download

Dec 1, 2011

Plants vs Zombies is one of the most popular casual games of all time, and seeing as Minecraft is a game that includes high levels of natural zombie infestation, it was only a matter of time before a Minecraft Plants vs Zombies map made its way into existence. What wasn’t such a foregone conclusion was how well the map was made. Suffice to say, this one is brilliant and you should definitely download it.

Download Plants vs Zombies Minecraft packs Here
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SineCraft v13.1 Minecraft Texture packs

Nov 30, 2011

SineCraft v13.1 Minecraft Texture packs
This is my first 'from scratch' Minecraft texture pack. I guess it would best fit into the 'simple texture pack' category. At first glance it's loaded with simple and minimalist designs. On further inspection you might see a little modernism thrown in for good measure. But if you look very closely you might find that this pack is more than meets the eye.

In any case, I wanted to create a pack where each block could be easily identified. The color palette and some of the block designs are inspired by Doku's RPG texture set, and some of the items were inspired by vamediah's item set. I also ditched the normal Cobble style in favor of a brick style. Currently, terrain, items, and a complete GUI are included. I have also included support for the Aether's GUI.

It seems I accidentally left out the Nether Brick texture in v13, this has been corrected. I also fixed the outer frame for the Glass Pane. The Glass Panes themselves will not look correct when halved because of the way the blocks work, and I'd have to redesign the Glass block to fix it. I like the way the Glass currently is, so at this time there is no change.

Download SineCraft v13.1 Minecraft Texture packs :
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Texture Packs on Minecraft

Nov 20, 2011

Texture packs on minecraft
Minecraft Texture Packs- This is my new texture pack called Basic Craft.It is currently on version 1 (the very first version).This texture pack was designed this way so the player can a different fell to minecraft and not have to struggle on learning what the items are.It also was designed so that It doesn't hurt the players eyes. HD Minecraft Texture Packs - I have also added pictures so you can have a sneak peak at the texture pack.

Installations Texture packs on minecraft :
  1. download the zip. file-Texture packs for minecraft Here
  2. select the file Basic Craft
  3. go to your name and open library/application support/minecraft For MAC computers.Windows you type in %appdata% in the start thing. Im not sure how it works for windows.
  4. you should see a file called texture packs,drag Basic Craft into that file.
  5. run minecraft
  6. click on mods and texture packs and select Basic Craft V1.
  7. enjoy use hd Minecraft texture packs
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HD Minecraft Texture Packs

HD Minecraft Texture Packs
HD Minecraft Texture Packs - Soartex does not contain content or images from any other source, it was made from scratch
If you use Soartex in a mix pack, please restrict it to personal use. Distribution is not permitted.
Rehosting of Soartex is not permitted outside of links made by myself.

Minecraft texture packs - Although I do not reply to all the posts, your post always becomes my support.
Download texture packs in minecraft

soartex 1.2.5 (Beta1.8.1&1.9pre4) :

Minecraft texture packs Old versions
soartex 1.2.0 (Beta1.8.1&1.9) :
soartex 1.1.6_01 (Beta1.8.1) :
soartex 1.1.1 (Beta1.8) :
soartex 1.1.0 (Beta1.7.3) :
soartex 1.0.5 (Beta1.7.3) :
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Texture Packs for Minecraft

texture packs for minecraft
Features Texture Packs in Minecraft :
- Blocks 97% done. Some items and mobs, HD font !
- Wild Grass compatible !
- Libre! (licence)

Download Texture Packs for Minecraft :
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